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Adventures of a Year Abroad

Going Out: Thoughts

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So here is the essay i’m writing for paris, which is in the way of me playing electronics, so i’m gonna do a big amount of words. What is in the inside of my mind when I think about moving, this is it. I can see that I might be able to learn french, which is gaining close to my thoughts of being able to speak five languages. However, I know i’ve stated this before, but I my worst thought is that about two-hundred of my friends from school I won’t talk to in a whole year. And then there is my friend Caleb who I have known since I could barely talk. I would break that band of friendship for a whole year. My parents say I’ll get friends in France, which is probably possible, and then I would miss those friends for a lot more than a year. Just as a sidenote, it would be hard to get used to a city in which it smells like pee everywhere. Human pee. On with the good parts, It is going to be fun and pleasant in Paris, and I can’t wait to go there. Also, the bread there makes you think you are in heaven, and if you were not, you would go there if you could get some more of this bread. Or you could mention the strawberries, with that special taste that is sweeter than any of them elsewhere. If only they had better refrigerators to keep the food in. But there is more than that, you can really sense the history embedded in the city. And you never need a car, for the whole place is a pedestrian’s land of happiness. When you need to go somewhere far, just hop on a metro and it’ll take you. Thinking about all this, I think i’m ready to withstand paris.Image

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