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That One Crazy Newspaper Guy

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Ok, we got here and we are jet lagged and barely able to function. So we are in the middle of eating at a decently quiet restaurant, when suddenly this random guy bursts in and walks around trying to sell newspapers. Thinking it was just a not-so-often occurrence that just happened, we waved it off. But the next day, we see the same guy in a different restaraunt, then today in the street when we saw him jumping in other eating situations and offering what he was giving. So when you are thinking of going to Paris, make sure you don’t live close to the Crazy Newspaper Guy.

(for help, we are in the sixth arr.)

One thought on “That One Crazy Newspaper Guy

  1. Hey Kiddo,
    I just figured out how to read your ‘essays’ – they are pretty cool! (no snide comments about figuring out blogs ok?). Your mom’s is the first I ever read (a couple days ago) and yooouurrsss is the first I’ve ever commented on – so that must mean you’re pretty special to me, right? Hope you find the perfect school that fits you just right and a great apartment that has a big park next to it.
    love Neri

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