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We Chose a School! Yay Yay Yay!


We recently have chosen my school in Paris. The schools that we visited were:

Hattemer, (pronounced “at-mare”)


And Eurecole:


Which are both good. We noticed at first that Eurecole was small but made up for it in nice and language. We took a test, which was extraordinarily easy, and left. Thinking Eurecole was the best school we could find, we went to Hattemer with partially closed minds. However, Hattemer was able to pry them open and shows how good the school really was. They toured us throughout the measurably bigger building and let us meet some of the nice kids from school. This school was more academic, and Eurecole was three quarters of the day language. This school was friendly, when Eurecole was as shy as much as me (not a good sign). In the end, we (Obviously because of my opinionated writing) chose Eurecole. Just kidding! Hattemer is our new main school. Thanks for reading- kiddo

7 thoughts on “We Chose a School! Yay Yay Yay!

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  2. Good luck at your new school! I think what you and your family are doing is *so* cool. I look forward to all the updates! Bonne chance! — Sarah (friend of your mom’s in Boston)

  3. Wow kiddo, you really are committed to your goal of speaking 5 languages! It’s courageous of you to pick the school that’s harder academically AND requires you to speak French pretty well. Guess we know what you’ll be doing this summer… French, French & more French! But you’ll be good at it quickly and be waaaay better than your parents really fast – they’ll be asking for your help… Glad you feel good about it 🙂
    love, Neri

  4. Great news kiddo! And it sounds like your decision-making process was really good too. Not everyone is able to respond to new data and change their minds like you guys did.

    Good luck with your crash course in French! I’m looking forward to hearing how it all goes.

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