Chez Soi

Adventures of a Year Abroad

I Am Thinking….


There are many things going around my head at the moment. One side of my head is talking to the other.

This is the dialogue.

“What’s up?”

“Nothing much.”

“What do you think about the move?”

“I hate it! Don’t you!”

“No, I’m happy about it.”

“Are you serious? This sucks!”

“Well, we will learn two languages.”

“Who cares? I don’t!”

“Oh yeah?”




And stuff like that. Yep, I’m stressed.

3 thoughts on “I Am Thinking….

  1. Ahhh, kiddo – such is change. One part of us is letting go of ‘what is’, and the other is getting ready for ‘what will be’. I find myself in a similar state. Part stressed from things like “how will we do everything in time” plus “oh my goodness, I need to learn French” but also “pinch me, this is a dream come true.” The part I’m MOST looking forward to? Being with you.

  2. hey kiddo, I’m sorry it’s such a struggle, but I think you hit the nail on the head with your two voices. Seems like for most of us big changes bring at least two voices that argue it out in our heads. I guess you just get to figure that out earlier than most kids… lucky you (I think, sort of)
    love you lots no matter which voice is talking…

  3. Kiddo, I totally agree! I’m glad at least that you have two voices and not just one that’s a big rain cloud dumping over everything. It’s okay to let yourself be both in despair and excited…and hopefully over time excitement and savoring the new experience will win out. (But even if not, you’ll have learned something valuable.)

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