Chez Soi

Adventures of a Year Abroad

Being Jason Bourne


UnknownI want to learn languages to be like Jason Bourne! Well maybe not the mass murdering. And the bad hairstyling. And pretty much everything else except languages. Maybe I just want to be like my sister. She is awesome.

3 thoughts on “Being Jason Bourne

  1. Disagree that Jason Bourne has bad hair. But, I can see why you’d look down on him; your hair is WAY better.

    (Remember that lady who involuntarily touched your hair in the elevator at the Eiffel Tower? She said she just couldn’t resist. EWWWW. Resist woman. Resist.)

    But FULLY agree your sissie is awesome. I think she knows Italian and French and a tiny tiny bit of German. What languages do you want to know?

  2. I like that you left it vague as to which sister. 😉 I think we are both awesome! But I agree, I would love to speak more languages, better. Someone the other day asked me what superpower I would want, and that is what I said: the ability to speak any language! It’s very powerful. 🙂

  3. Besides Jason Bourne’s language skills, I would keep his driving skills. Being better looking than him (yes, as a friend of Neri’s I’ve seen pictures of you) and with women touching your hair in elevators, you may need them!

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