Chez Soi

Adventures of a Year Abroad

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JKEROEHFWEHRemember how I told you that there were certain somethings and someones i will miss during our trip? Well the toddler in the background is my one year and around seven month old nephew, who is also one of the someones. See what I mean? He is way to cute to leave behind. Anyways, I am actually starting to have this whole moving idea settle into my brain. France is gonna be my hometown, so I better speak in it. “Pourquoi ai-je fait ce une idée pour le blog la plupart des gens ne peuvent pas comprendre tout ça!”. Nevermind, that will make pretty much everyone confused throughout the completeness of chez-soi’s history and future. Well, peace to all and have a good day. That was weird. Bye.

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  1. Lovebug, we’ll find a way to come back and see the little one. Promise. Family is everything. We know that, and we’ll make stuff come together so we can be all together… Mom

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