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What Would You Do


If anyone thinks cats are for lamos, then you should see these skills. Anyways, the reason that I haven’t be post in anything is…. well I have to admit I just am being lazy again. Well, at least I am here now and I am writing this post. Here’s a question: What would you do with one million dollars and no limits? Answer below.

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Hello Students of Hattemer

My Dad recently told me a few of the Hattemer students might come to the blog. So if you are there, then “Hi!” Some of the things I like to do are play with my rubik’s cube*, which I can solve in around  one minute and thirty seconds. Another thing I like to do in my extra time is play video games**, and last but not least, I like to bake with my mom.




How to Complain Like a Parisian

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How to Complain Like a Parisian

Complaining like a Parisian is one way to fit it.

Say, “C’est chiant, ça!” — which basically means “that sucks,” but is a great all-purpose bitch. Draw it out so it sounds almost Chinese — say shyannnn, sa! Do the complaining, while shaking the head and exhaling cigarette smoke.

Found this little excerpt in a NY magazine that Raina Kumra sent me, entitled “Do you really need to learn French to live in Paris”.

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About two decades ago, I discovered a better target for travel than destinations. Rather than organize my trip around places — the iconic cities, monuments, streets, regions, countries — I’ve learned that I get 10 times the reward when I organize my travel around passions. – Kevin Kelly

Shopping used to be a big focus on my travels, but today it diminishes … I just don’t need more stuff. And so I’ve been thinking about how to organize trips, so we can go deeper into a culture. And turns out Kevin answers that question so well… organize around your passions. More here: