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Saying Goodbye

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On Friday the 13th, we threw a party to say goodbye to our neighbors and friends from kiddo’s elementary school.


We got a taco truck, which we thought would make it super easy. And generally speaking it was. Only thing was … they didn’t tell me I need to have my own plates and napkins. Whoopsie.


My friend Marie Cameron (an unbelievable artist who also happens to live near us) made rose mojitos. Other friends bartended. There was some gin-mango drink that was also divine.

We also ordered a jumpy house, which all of kiddos’ friends LOVED.  There was loads of squealing.


There was sliced cold watermelon to eat.


And the reason the kids are all wet is due to the water-balloon fight.

Kiddo was beaming at the end of the night, so I think he had fun. We’re all a little meloncholy. But it’s better to celebrate the passage and this moment in time, than to ignore it and this party gave us the chance to do that.

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