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I Better Learn Fast…


Today I tried to ask for two baguettes and a pain de chocolate from a boulangerie, and I got too stressed to ask the whole question. I better learn to not stress out that much. And also learn like a billion words. And start doing that on tuesday. Ok. I have got a lot ahead of me. Uh oh. Well at least so far we have all been (mostly) settling into France. The only problem that I am down about is that I can’t continue on an american book series with no amazing book buying. Well, enough of my rants. But before I go, here is a question. If you had to either eat a spiked banana or a possibly poisoned one, which one would you eat? please put your answer in the comments. 😀 .   (You may also answer on the poll that I have added.)  

3 thoughts on “I Better Learn Fast…

  1. I would rather eat a spiked banana. A poisoned banana would kill me in a matter of minutes.

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