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Today, we went to the market and church.

The Marche Raspail is as overpriced a farmers market as you can get. We’ve been to a lot of markets in our day — and we thought we understood what highway robbery was. But alas, we’ve found a new level of tourism pricing. We went early and it was a rainy morning in Paris, so the best part was the quiet walk over. Picked up these roses (12 Euros for the ten) to spruce up our place. Also picked up a 33 Euro poulet roti (rotisserie chicken) and cried from the overcharge on the way home. {For those of you not familiar with the currency exchange rate, that was a $50 take home meal.} Not quite what we expected since we were used to getting the same in Aix-en-Provence for about 8 or 9 Euro.

Afterwards, we went to the American Church in Paris, near the quai d’orsay. About a 15 minute walk from our apartment. We only have one umbrella so we took turns getting wet. The church was beautiful, and I’ve been there before. It was better than I remember but that was probably because the family was with me. Kiddo seemed to really like the stained glass. And, the choir today was EPIC. Enough so that even Curt took notice. They seem very welcoming, and the sermon was nuanced enough to be really interesting, on the parable from Matthew on sowing seeds on poor dirt. I think this could be a great new church home. But we still need to check out St George’s, and the American cathedral in Paris.

We are trying to find the new routines that will help us not just survive, but to thrive.

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