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Bastille Day

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We’ve been here for days but I’ve not had a chance to just walk around and enjoy this beautiful city we’ve moved to. After another long  and tedious excursion to Monoprix (the closest US equivalent is probably Target) where we spent much-too-long to find dish washer salt and cutting boards and such, I left Kiddo and his dad to go home with all our bags while I took a slight break to walk around St. Germain de Pres area and then back “home” to our apartment.

Found some musicians playing. Bien sur. It is, of course, tourist season. The shop displays had a heavy world cup focus. And passed Isabel Marant‘s shop on Rue de Jacob. I used to love this brand but she has gotten so overpriced for the quality… But still loved seeing the window displays. Noticed the architecture…so ordinary and yet so French. Passed by many bridges… Startled a pigeon … Noticed the different shades of ochre and limestone.. And, appreciated how much pride the French have for their country… Flags are flying EVERYWHERE today (helicopters above regularly) because of Bastille Day celebrations.


It’s a joy to have the sun come out, too. 

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