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The Ultimate Playdate

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           Yesterday I made a post that mentioned a playdate at the Louvre. Now I will bring that into full detail. It started as soon as everybody walked through the rotating doors to get inside the Louvre. We went down a few escalators and got to the first floor. When we reached it, Me, my friend Mickey, and his Mom went to get some audioguides. One we had received them, we selected a tour on our audioguides, that were 3DS XLs, (Click Here For Info) and marched off. We ran around for a while in the massive museum, and got to see many cool things, Including the Mona Lisa:


            Since we were all pretty tired after that, we walked to a cafe-like place so that we could get some refreshments. When we were done with the Louvre, we reunited with my mom to go to the nearest park. Once we arrived, Me and Mickey went to go on some carnival rides. Well I should say a carnival ride because we went one the same awesome one three times in a row. Then we came back and played on the playground. We were finally so pooped out we could  barely walk, and we returned to our places after a big day of fun.

One thought on “The Ultimate Playdate

  1. I’ve been to the Louvre, which, yes, is awesome. But I want to see what the carnival ride looked like! 🙂

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