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Adventures of a Year Abroad

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rendezvous-de-jouer (play date)

We returned from Sancerre on Friday and one if the first emails we saw was from Amy Wilson. She and I has agreed to do a play date together when she and her family returned from a trip to the states. 

Kiddo, curt and I went to church this morning and the sermon was on how to see god everywhere. In the burning bush of Moses but also in the park bench. Then we went to Parc Floral, in the Bois de Vincennes …

Paul and Malcolm and Amy were just wonderful to meet. We had a fantastic picnic of cheese, rose wine, breads, saucissons, and so on. It was a veritable feast. Kiddo got a chance to play. He had his first game of miniature golf, and came back beaming, all while we enjoyed music playing in the background and great conversation. It was supposedly a play date for the kids but I think the parents got a play date, too. I believe we are all god’s presence to one another, and it was a warm and lovely time. A welcoming moment. 

The reason this all matters so much is we’ve been having a terrible time in general. There are sparks of fun but most of our time is a combination of stress and drudgery. More on that some other time. In the meantime, just a note if appreciation for the people who have made connections for us as it has been life affirming….


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The Good Things Of Paris

                We just left sancerre! Thank God. Because we also left behind a super creaky apartment. And we get to stop a really boring immersion class. And we get to stop using a mooing toilet. (Don’t Ask) Well mostly now I get my computer back so I can make some more blog posts. Yay!

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A Look Back

             Earlier this summer when I had just started immersion class, I walked in and didn’t understand a word anyone was saying. This week I could roughly translate what the teacher is saying. Cool! 😀

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               Recently I have been practicing my french with an application called Duolingo. Even though it is not the same as a classroom, I would argue that you learn even faster from it because you can compete with other people through the game itself. And you can listen to music. And you can stop class whenever you want. Awesome!