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We Are Still Learning……..


This morning my dad woke me up and told me that we were going to watch a movie featuring one of our favorite actors, Chris Pratt. During immersion class, I could barely take my mind off it. Then when we got home, we were all waiting for the time to come so we could go to the cinema and watch the movie. When we finally got there, the ticket lady said they didn’t have the movie playing. We thought that was weird, but there were still to more Cinemas on the same block, so we thought we might have went to the wrong one. We walked over to the next cinema, only to find out that they had the same problem. Slightly annoyed, we ran to the third and final cinema in the area. Unfortunately, our hopes were dropped yet again and the movie wasn’t there either. So, even after three weeks of emersion, we cannot get to a simple movie. Well, we are still learning.

2 thoughts on “We Are Still Learning……..

  1. Sadness! Well, I hope if the movie isn’t out there yet, that it will be soon. Looks like it starts showing August 13 — ?

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