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My Birthday

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Last week had a lot of cool stuff, but there is one thing that in my opinion is the best. I turned eleven on Thursday! So this post is going to summarize my whole birthday.


I woke up and smiled to myself. “I am going to be eleven in only twelve more hours!” I thought. Little did I know that it was only ten hours, seeing as I had slept in until ten o’clock in the morning. I got up, switched my pajamas for some real clothes and grabbed some euros.
I walked out of the apartment and onto the street. “Time for some bread.” I said as I stepped into the Gosselin Boulangerie/Patisserie to get breakfast. I got “Trois pain au chocolats et quatre croissants” (Click Here For Help Translating) and returned home. Our friends Laura and Nuno came all the way from Portugal to France so we could all celebrate together. They were sitting, standing, and talking around the room with my parents when I walked in. We all had some food and then we went outside.


We got together (not including my dad) and walked to the nearest Fnac after a bunch of window shopping. My mom got me a new video camera! Yay! Now I can make some weird videos!

Nuno also got me a blank notebook with the inscription: “Ma Vie a Paris” on the cover in silver, so now I can draw all sorts of cool stuff in it now.


We have dinner at Relais de L’entrecote, and then went to the Tuileries Garden. We went straight to the ferris wheel and it was amazing. My parents were tired after that so Me, Laura, and Nuno, went to Amarino while my mom and dad went home. After we got back in the apartment, I was eleven but very tired. Strangely, I stayed up reading until three – thirty in the morning, which kind of explains my excitement.

One thought on “My Birthday

  1. Happy birthday! Your day sounded very cool. Relais de L’entrecote, YUM!!! I miss that place.

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