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Happy Half Hour

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If I had stopped to take picture of our happy hour drinks, there would be an image with this post. But, instead Curt and I were too busy enjoying our (incredibly quiet, almost romantic) moment together that we just .. ya know, drank our drinks and chatted without capturing the moment in digital form.

The thing is we’ve been with kiddo nearly non-stop all summer. Today, he got his first private lessons in French by two different and wonderful folks, and we used the time to (start-to) catch up with things we adults need to do. In addition to our individual work and email (not so exciting but very necessary), we managed to do some errands. Curt went with me since his french is better and we got to a pharmacy to get some resupplies, the post office to mail off some post cards we got in Sancerre, fix my bank card which finally let me has cash by myselft, and so on. Amazing how exciting getting caught up can be. But really it was the final moment of stopping by a little local bar and taking 30 minutes to talk together that made today Ah-MAY-ZING.

It was happy half-hour. But a much needed half-hour of happy.

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