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Matthew, who is originally from Manchester, England, is what some call language chameleon: Germans think he’s German, Spaniards think he’s Spanish, Brazilians think he’s Portuguese (he proudly speaks the good-old European variety). By his own account, Matthew has mastered a staggering number of languages by utilizing abilities that we all possess: persistence, enthusiasm and open-mindedness.

I can attest that we’re all learning best when it’s (a) fun enough to keep our enthusiasm up, and (b) when we keep at it, and (c) when we just pause the self-judgment button to be open enough to learn.

It’s a real gift to be learning. Haaaard. But a real gift.

Author: nilofermerchant

Strategist. Passionate about igniting cultures of innovation. HBR Writer, O'Reilly Author (published January 2010) of The New How, and former CEO of Rubicon.

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