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Adventures of a Year Abroad


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WHOO HOOO! I just did some chess camp the last few weeks, and I got something to show for it!

So the morning of the tournament me and mom walked in and as soon as we did, he ran up to my mom. He was extremely enthusiastic about getting my mom to come to the tournament, and I had to do some translating to get through. My Mom settled on a “Maybe”, and the day was off.

{Time Passes}

I was sitting in the tournament room in chess camp. Everyone had finished their games, and the professor was giving out the trophies. My Mom got into the room and I waved. She was standing there for about five minutes while the awards were being given out for this chess week. He had just finished giving out all of them. Well, almost all of them. He had skipped past the second place. Then he made an announcement. He went on about a special awarding of the trophies, and three kids told me it would be me. Obviously, I said that it wouldn’t at all (I had gotten a bronze medal [Last Place/Participation]). Then the professor continued. “I just witnessed this child win all his games in the other tournament.” . Wait. That was interesting. I did that earlier… “And the name is…… KiddoInParis!” (He didn’t really say that I just edited it for privacy.) Yay!


Ok. I’m gonna play chess with my mom now. Bye.

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  1. Kiddo! That’s awesome! Bravo for your awesome chess adventures. I hope you’re having fun while you are kicking so much butt.

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