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Differences of Locals & Tourists

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It’s a funny thing that now that we’re residents of Paris, we resent the touristy things. We groan when an accordion player gets on the metro, but the tourists smile and find it quaint. Like we once did. We avoid certain spots in the city during tourist seasons (Christmas and summer) like St. Michel area because of the surge of tourists. Places we once used to head for…

My friend Susan McPherson just sent a list of 24 such differences and it’s pretty much on-point.

At the same time, yesterday, I was doing a walkntalk meeting with Katy Spencer at the Tuileries (or, fais un promenade!) and we spontaneously decided to do the Ferris Wheel (which is currently at the Concorde). So here we are, a little cold but captured in the late afternoon winter sun.

Acting like tourists.

Katy Spencer and Nilofer Merchant

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