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Adventures of a Year Abroad

Strasbourg Day 2

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Guess what- I wake up, and it’s snowing!

Well, not that much. But hey- still pretty cool! But, It stopped. :C. I suppose that helps with the cold. Then me and my sister  woke up and went to get some food to tide us over. After looking for about three quarters of an hour, we just walked back to the apartment. Just after, my sister left to go to a boulangerie and got two chocolate croissants. Time well spent.

~Boring Buffet Is Eaten

We walked up the Strasbourg Chapel’s tower and when we reached the top, it was FREEZING and WINDY AS HECK. Ah, who cares. We got a photo! But I can’t upload it cause WordPress is being weird.

Then we went to the history museum, which was actually pretty epic. There was a lot of old things. I assume that it’s kinda the point though.

That is kinda it for day two. Sauf que maman a perdu son FitBit. Mais le personnel vont l’envoyer à nous. Donc, c’est tout bon! (Translation Here)


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