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Glorious Sunday in Paris


Yesterday ended up being a gorgeous May Sunday in Paris!  This is the kind of day that we were imagining when we signed up for this adventure.Glorious Sunday in Paris

It didn’t start out that way, bucketing down rain in the early morning.  But I managed to get in a 15km run, then the sun came out and we all walked to the library, then took a moment to “prends une verre” at a café on Avenue de la Bourdonnais.

I didn’t think about a blog post until looking out our bedroom window, so that’s where I snagged the photo.

This is my first post on the blog.  It was always expect that kiddo and Mom would do most of the content, but I had always intended to write a few posts.  I half-started about 5 posts on practical / logistical themes, but never finished them… Hopefully breaking the ice here will open the door for more.  And better to break the ice with a (hopefully) inspiring post rather than start with nuts and bolts, hey?

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4 thoughts on “Glorious Sunday in Paris

  1. I hope the spring and summer will continue to bring more of these sorts of days. And more posts!

  2. I’m trying to wrap my head around a 15K run. Did you run a lap around Paris? I ran an 8K a couple weeks ago, and I’m still tired. 🙂

    • At the beginning (while fresh enough to use mass transit) I took Metro line 10 to Boulogne – Jean Jaurès, which is technically outside Paris, then ran up into the southern edge of Bois de Boulonge (also outside). I ran across “Place de l’Avrè”, a pedestrian bridge to St Cloud, then for another several hundred meters to a turn-around. Came back across the same bridge then a different path through the Bois to Porte Dauphine, back through the 16th along Longchamps, then to Alma, then along the Seine on the right bank to Pont Solferino, where I crossed and came home. I ran a similar long distance about 6 months ago, but now I’m signed up for the Paris Marathon next spring and I’m motivated :-). My weekend runs will probably be 15km minimum, bouncing up to (eventually) 35+ km a few weeks before “race day”. Those long runs probably will require multiple laps through Bois de Boulogne (where there is nice shade, great running surface, no traffic).

  3. I google.mapped some of it — looks like a beautiful run. Enjoy the marathon and training runs!

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