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I’m cooking in sunshine…

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TScaled Cooking in Sunlighthis post just captures a wonderful feeling I had while making dinner the other day.  It was maybe 5:30pm, and after we had set our clocks forward, so the sun was still high enough in the sky that sunlight angled onto the counter where I was cutting vegetables.  There was something very uplifting about that.  This never happens at our home in California, where there are not enough big windows, especially in the kitchen area.  In addition, the kitchen is on the northwest of the house, with no west-facing windows at all…  sigh.

Nilofer and I have been talking about a remodel for years, and our “plans” have been firming up as we approach relocation back to Silicon Valley.

I had never previously thought about sunlight on the kitchen counter as a desired feature… but I do now!  And so this is one more thing I may bring home from Paris.

The same Paris window that allows the sun in also offers a sometime view of the Eiffel Tower… through now-leafless branches of a ginormous tree across the way.  Thus we can see Tour Eiffel in winter and especially at night when the tower is lit up.  We don’t see how our remodel is going to deliver an epic view though… Instead we will constrain the budget and spend the savings on occasional penthouse views in Paris.  That is something that we won’t try to bring home…

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