Chez Soi

Adventures of a Year Abroad


A few years ago, three individuals took a trip to France for eight weeks, and came back a family.

We got short haircuts in Paris, because the heat was insufferable. The kiddo had more than his normal share of Coca-Cola because it was one of the few things that was served with ice. And oh, how we came to appreciate ice. We had gorgeous meals in Lyon at some leisurely french diners. We were invited in to family homes and stayed up late into the night talking with new friends.  Friends came and visited us, even helping us make a homemade (and rather melty) chocolate cake for Kiddo’s birthday. Other friends came and we could treat them to a tour of Aix-en-Provence and the best beaches, because we had been there two weeks prior. When we nearly lost each other in a metro train station, we felt that pang of loss up close. At one point, we were walking so much, all of our sandals smelled. Because they were rubber, we thought it’d be fine to run them through the washing machine only to learn that hot water in France is much, much hotter than the US and all the shoes shrunk. Through each little thing, we found ways to cooperate and help one another. Before this trip, we used to get things done in spite of each other, and usually through gritted teeth. But by the end, we were learning to help each other. We could get things done because of each other. There was something supremely magical about that trip and how close we became. It was not easy by any means*,  yet we look back at it fondly today.

Since then, we’ve wanted to live a year abroad, mostly because of how we want to raise the Kiddo, as a citizen of the world. And we’ve been slowly but surely figuring how to do it. We don’t quite know what this blog will turn into, but we’re hoping to share the stories of our next adventure. About home. About together. About life’s journeys.

Join along?

Nilofer & Kiddo**

*  Remind us to tell you the story of waking up in the middle of the night in a big puddle on the bed – yucko!

**And to friends, even though you know kiddo’s in-real-life name, just post to him as kiddo here…

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