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Adventures of a Year Abroad



We went to California! And I got business class for the first time. They give you sundaes 😀


On the second weekend we got to go to my nephew Lincoln’s house to play for a bit. I’ve since noticed that the term “Chuck a’ bo” (Don’t ask) has passed on to Lincoln. His little brother, Wylie is pretty much still a lump though. But of course that doesn’t stop my dad from tickling him. I got to eat waffles and bagels which we annoyingly haven’t managed to find in France yet. I wanted to take their peanut butter back with us, but I took a bit and realized that it might be a little weird. Anyways, I liked our trip to California. I hope we come back soon 😀

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Strasbourg Day 2

Guess what- I wake up, and it’s snowing!

Well, not that much. But hey- still pretty cool! But, It stopped. :C. I suppose that helps with the cold. Then me and my sister  woke up and went to get some food to tide us over. After looking for about three quarters of an hour, we just walked back to the apartment. Just after, my sister left to go to a boulangerie and got two chocolate croissants. Time well spent.

~Boring Buffet Is Eaten

We walked up the Strasbourg Chapel’s tower and when we reached the top, it was FREEZING and WINDY AS HECK. Ah, who cares. We got a photo! But I can’t upload it cause WordPress is being weird.

Then we went to the history museum, which was actually pretty epic. There was a lot of old things. I assume that it’s kinda the point though.

That is kinda it for day two. Sauf que maman a perdu son FitBit. Mais le personnel vont l’envoyer à nous. Donc, c’est tout bon! (Translation Here)


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Strasbourg Day 1

Hey! We went to Strasbourg!

When we first got off of the train, there was like two minutes before we entered the taxi. In those two minutes, we learned one big thing about Strasbourg during the winter; It. Is. Cold.

After the taxi drive (in which the driver changed the taxi rate to the highest possible [I guess he thought we couldn’t read that sticker that says “Tarif D: tarif de la nuit, quand pas à coté de la gare.”]) we stepped out on the street of our hotel! Or so we thought… we learned later that Dad had accidentally booked an apartment. Unfortunately for mom, the fashion shop was closed. But anyways, standing outside the gate, we waited until someone came up and let us in. After slipping through the gate, we saw three doors. All of us hauled our bags to our door, 24b, and stayed in front of it for a while after realizing that there was no lobby, resulting in a longer wait for one of the owners to get the door open.

About an hour later, we went on a boat ride, which was pretty cool. You could listen to the tour guide with provided headphones too! They had ten languages, and six children counterparts. I listened to the normal English one for about twenty seconds but it was really boring, so I switched to the child’s version.  It was meant for little kids though, so it was a little weird to listen to a pirate for an hour.

Then we went to dinner with some friends. Strangely, we got there one hour early. Oops. When they came we gave some presents and ate too much. Yep. And I accidentally got paté instead of pâtes. So, I made some little mistakes. Not bad though. I’ve done worse in linguistics.

Me and my sister, Sara, both shared one apartment floor, while my parents shared another. Me and Sara found a game-show on TF2, called “Que le meilleur gagne” (That the best wins) and used it to “study French”. Well, we did learn that “zlataner” means to dominate. So, not at all time wasted.


That’s all for Day 1. Join me later when I recount the rest!


Yay! My sister’s here!

My sister, Sara, just got here last Tuesday! And she speaks French pretty well, so it’s good for practice. Also, that means more presents, which is what christmas is all about! Ok I’m just kidding. But, it does put stress on my hands. How many drawings can I make? Anyways, this was just a small update on what’s happening up in diss shizz. Oops. That was weird. Have a merry christmas!





The last week I have been staying with my “Tante” Joanie.  It was quite fun. We have been logging what we have done so I will re-inscribe it here.  One of the main events that we did was doodling. She is an art teacher, so that works well. Here is something that I made:


I made the “In The Lunchroom” Type of thing because of the gross “Cantine” Food that we get for lunch.

Another thing we did was go to the Musée d’Orsay, which was pretty cool, cause we got to see Van Gogh’s portrait, Which in French they pronounce the G in. Also, there is this epic restaurant on the top floor! If you didn’t know, Musée d’Orsay used to be a train station, so you can look out of the clocks, which have transparent faces and backs. We looked for a painting featuring the Battle of Solferino, but the search was rendered fruitless.

We watched ratatouille too, and that was très intéressant,  seeing as we were in the same city as the movie was based in. But, it was also extremely annoying. I mean, they cover the sights, and the taste (of the food), but the smells and sounds are just fiction.

So, that was a little recap of da week. See ya later!

20141115_210354 Wait! We just went to the Eiffel Tower again and took a pic! Cool!

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The Good And Bads of Paris

The Good And Bads of Paris:

(I will write every other question in french.)

Since we all like to be optimistic, I’ll start with the goods:

One: The Boulangeries. When you go to America, you can get bread, of course. But it’s not the same as here. There, you grab some ol’ bread that all look the same: A square with a hat on. But then here comes the french bread (cue presidential music)… Grab butter from Monoprix, and put it on bread. You have a meal. And also, pain au chocolat. Bammie – Wham!

Deux: Poulet Roti. Vraiment, Il n’existe pas une chance pour le poulet américain. Sérieusement. C’est terrible contre le poulet français. (Google Translate)

Three: Languages! I love learning them cause I find them kinda cool. And then it gives you an “Understanding Power” With peeps who speak a language that you speak too.

Bads…. Dun Dun Dunnnnn!

Une: Beaucoup de stress…. Les langues sont une arme à double tranchant. (Google Translate Again)

Two: The urine smell in the city. I don’t have to go farther except to say i’m not joking.

Trois: Les Amis. Je n’ai pas beaucoup à l’école. Et quand c’est tout en français, c’est un petit peu difficile. (Google Translate. Last Time, I Promise)

So that was my Pros and Cons list on Paris. See ya on my next post!