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Mise en place

Mise En Place Office.jog

Mise en place is a cooking term that translates to “everything in place”.

It refers to the way chefs have their ingredients organized and prepared, spices lined up, and everything all ready to go before they start cooking.

I’m in the process of writing books 3 and 4 and will probably (hopefully?!) finish both projects during this year abroad. A writer in Paris. Is that cliche? Well, even if it is, it’s a bucket list item for me! As we browse the apartments we could live in, I find myself seeking out the spot I’ll write. Perhaps I’ll get a standing desk, with some space for flowers, a monitor, a lamp, and a note book. While I know I’ll head out to cafes every now and then to break up the monotony of working from home, I imagine “base camp” a certain way. Perhaps with a view of an iconic spot, ideally with natural light, and, of course, quiet enough to focus.